NEW GPC INC bursary awardee graduates from UG medical programme

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NEW GPC INC bursary awardee graduates from UG medical programme

The sky is the limit for 23-year-old Trisana Amanda Cox, who graduated last Saturday from the University of Guyana (UG). Cox, obtained a bachelor’s of medicine and bachelors of surgery degree.

She is the daughter NEW GPC INC Production Manager Donald Cox. The 23-year-old is a former bursary awardee of NEW GPC Inc. She attended the Bishops’ High School (2000-2005); Queen’s College (2005-2007), after which she commenced studies at the UniversityOf Guyana School Of   Medicinein 2007.
Cox is the reigning Miss Guyana Talented Teen, a crown she won in 2007, former member of the National School of Dance and former national track and field athlete. She is also an active member of the St Phillips’ Zealots Youth Group. She described her journey to success as “an enriching experience made successful by full commitment to studying with countless sleepless nights, grasping as much clinical experience as possible and not forgetting my loving and supportive family (especially, my mom and dad) and a fun loving motivating class”.

Cox will be an intern for one year at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC), after which she will commence post-graduate training in general internal medicine.

NEW GPC INC joins all well-wishers in congratulating Trisana Amanda Cox on her success. Every year, the company offers bursary awards to children of employees, who are successful at the National Grade Six Assessment Examination. The bursary is given for a period of five years (Forms One to Five) and an additional two years (Upper and Lower Sixth), should the child go to Sixth Form